Piston pumps

Idromeccanica Ramtec’s IRP piston pump is the best solution to constantly and uniformly move considerable quantities of different kind of muddy or granular material.

All metal parts which eventually are in contact with food are completely made of stainless steel and the seals used comply with food use, therefore assuring no contamination from rust or from rubber phthalates.

IRP piston pumps are frequently used in olive oil mills, purifiers and whenever it’s necessary to move liquid, paste or muddy material having a minimum humidity of 60%.

In olive oil mills piston pumps are also used for the following applications:

  • evacuation of pomace from decanter;
  • evacuation of olive paste;
  • evacuation of pomace without nuts from the nut separator;
  • for the load of two phase pomace in tanks.

In wine production facilities, they can be used to move wort and dregs.

In renewable fields they are used to feed or evacuate digesters.

In the dairy field they are used to move milk and curds.

In food companies they are used to move mashed fruit, tomato pulp and other different juices.

Our piston pumps are able to move different kinds of material in a short period of time to a distance of over 100 m being able to lift even over 10 m and can suction from 1,5 m with the standard arrangement or even greater depths with the aid of a non-return valve which can be supplied upon request.

The range of IRP piston pumps is made up of pumps with 1 cylinder and 2 cylinders with supply from 45 to 350 q/h.

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