hydraulic breakers

Idromeccanica Ramtec’s line of hydraulic breakers in several setups, covers a large range of applications.

Our aim is to offer each customer the best match between machine, hammer and job.

They are made with heavy duty and wear-resistant material and heat treatments. They are CE certified and supplied with a warranty certificate that grants its quality and long time reliability.

Discover our line of RT hydraulic hammers and contact us or one of our dealers to find out the best solution for your needs.

RT hydraulic hammers can be set-up with special underwater and silenced devices so you can safely carry out your jobs in urban areas or under water, without compromising the performance of your attachment at all.

All of our hydraulic demolition breakers can be connected to carrier machines with a traditional bracket, with quick hitches or with our versatile mini-loader or skid-steer connection plate.

Our medium-large size breakers can be equipped with an automatic greasing device. It allows automatic, regular and steady hammer greasing so the operator doesn’t have to worry about it.

Our automatic greasing device is equipped with a grease cartridge which lubricates the complete breaker body thanks to the working vibrations of the breaker itself. It does not need any hydraulic installation.

Idromeccanica Ramtec’s hydraulic hammers are sturdy, durable, highly resistant and have an excellent ratio power/weight.

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