Idromeccanica Ramtec’s hydraulic magnets represent the most efficient way to complete lifting of metal sheets and selection of ferrous material of all shapes and sizes that have to be handled and recycled.

Our hydraulic magnet is the ideal attachment for demolition sites, recycling plants and scrap yards to handle metal scraps and help you to convert them into profit.

Moreover, our magnets allow you to make your construction site safer and cleaner, by quickly collecting all the ferrous scraps, the bars and the metal sheets that may be dangerous for workers, machines and other attachments.

They are connected to the same tubes of the excavator where other attachments such as hydraulic breakers, hydraulic compactors, shears, grabs, crushers or pulverizers are connected.

Idromeccanica Ramtec’s magnet doesn’t need any electric cable installation and electric control box on the excavator. It only has to be connected to the excavator’s hoses. It’s equipped with oil flow and pressure control valves and with a quick material release device.

The lower plate is made of a special wear-resistant steel which improves its quality, to make its life longer and to optimize your investment.

The excavator magnets with the top plate can be applied to the machine by means of a top bracket or by a quick coupler, both made according to the customer’s needs making movements easier and more precise.

The HMT magnet teeth are very useful and they allow to easily collect small steel rods, sheets and metal scraps in ground and waste heaps.

HMT 105
kg 1400
Scrap weight kg 450
Plate weight kg 7000
19-23 t
HMT 115
kg 1550
Scrap weight kg 650
Plate weight kg 11000
20-25 t
HMT 125
kg 1950
Scrap weight kg 900
Plate weight kg 12000
26-32 t
HMT 150
kg 2850
Scrap weight kg 1200
Plate weight kg 20000
34-40 t

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